About Us

Skala Bina Sdn Bhd was founded by the Terry Lee, Bernice Lee, and Chris Tan, a group of friends with passion for entrepreneurship and property management. Since the company’s inception in December 08, 2012, Skala Bina has grown to be one of the fastest growing construction business specializing in property renovations, interior design, construction, and refurbishing.

To date, Skala Bina Sdn Bhd has more than 100 projects in their portfolio, with clients spread across the nation. The company is proud to have worked with the biggest names in the country like Naza World, 7 Eleven Malaysia, Honda Malaysia, and Aeon Credit Service, among others. Despite this, the company still strives to excel in its operations and services to achieve more client satisfaction across Malaysia.

For instance, Skala Bina Sdn Bhd has been focusing on diversifying its business operations, while also strengthening their core competencies, as a way to expand their market reach. The company takes pride in its highly competent and experienced team and leaders who are constantly putting their best efforts in every project that they handle. Skala Bina is a company known for high quality building works and excellent customer service.