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Skala Bina Sdn Bhd is an interior designing and renovation company, that operates in Malaysia. Our company has independent contracts with corporations and other small businesses in the area.

We do interior design work for new buildings. As a contractor, we have also done renovation projects for many office buildings in the country. It is our experience and ability to build and maintain relationships with clients that helped us achieve success.

For one, we have maintained that all our projects will consider client input. From our experience, we know that clients want to project an image to their visitors of what kind of business is being run inside their office. It is our job to make our design construction reflect the vision of our client and his/her business.

Our Projects

Naza World

Project: Design and Build

In Naza World, we constructed a beautiful office to fit our client’s various need – a 1000sqft space that can accommodate more than 50 employees, a manager room, a pantry and a meeting space. Most importantly, we helped our client to save cost by reusing back existing furniture and fittings. Existing walls are decorated with wallpaper and painting that befits the corporate image and hence improve productivity.

Apptivity Lab UOA Business Park

Project: Design and Built

In Apptivity Lab, we designed and built an office that integrates technology with green concept. The usage of architectural forms, lighting present in nature, along with spaces that reflect natural elements are often the secrets to a great and highly functional design. Here, by bringing plants into offices, it improves employee's well-being and make them feel happier at work.

Why Renovate Your Office?

Many office buildings in Malaysia are renovated every year. The renovation work is mostly done to the interior design. However, not all management have the awareness that their office needs to be renovated. In this next part, we'll be giving you several reasons why business offices should renovate their building.

Ever heard of the saying “First impressions last”? This is very applicable for offices that usually do their clientpe meetings and get a ton of visitors regularly. Business clients might be there for the business transactions. However, it won't hurt if you can impress them with a nice office on top of whatever business you can offer them.

Imagine your office as the album cover to the great music packed inside which is your business. A renovation will breathe new life into your office which is very important in leaving a lasting impression to your visitors.

A newly-renovated space makes your office look more modern and puts in a bit (or a lot) of personality to the space. This move can also have a positive impact for your workers.

For one, a new environment creates a whole new vibe for the place they work in which, for sure, they'll appreciate. And it might encourage more talented workers to apply to work for your company because it shows that the company cares about the business to improve its aesthetics and perception.

Some renovation projects are done to improve the efficiency of workers or just the overall flow of movement in the office. A renovation plan will take away the unnecessary installations and be more space efficient by applying more ideas.

This can be in the form of additional storage space, better office and/or cubicle arrangements, and facilitate better flow of the people within the space. It can be achieved with a well-designed floor plan and putting in a lot of thought in the overall design and concept of your new office.

Our commercial shop and store clients swear by this. A creative renovation job has made a lot of stores more attractive to people. The whole look adds to the appeal of buying products in the shop or just pulling in more people, in general.

A business should prioritize being able to attract more customers and please more clients with both their business and appearance of the company. You need a reliable contractor like Skala Bina Sdn Bhd because this has been our expertise for years. Our project portfolio and client base will help us tell you that you can trust us. And you don't even need to disrupt your business operations for us to be able to do it.


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