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Retail renovation has never been more challenging. A good retail design will increase sales and revenue while catering for attributes such as number of people, furnitures, merchandise, store room, counter, etc. As an interior design and renovation company, we work closely with you to design spaces that accommodate all those needs. It is also our responsibility to make customer feels every single visit is a brand-new experience. With a proper interior design and outlook and renovation, we aim to make your store/shop look refreshing, interesting and enticing. What changes can you make to your business? Contact us for a consultation today.

Our Projects

7-Eleven, Peninsular Malaysia

Project: Build

For 7-Eleven projects, we are given approximately 2 weeks to complete renovation work. We understand that a fast business expansion is critical to the company's success. Hence, we travel with our client to complete projects in whole Peninsular Malaysia. Area of coverage includes Kedah, Kelantan, Johor, Melaka, Pahang, etc. Materials are pre-ordered and delivered to site within days to complete project on time.

Time&Motion, Publika


In Time&Motion, we partnered with an Interior Designer firm to deliver a watch outlet in Publika to our client. Various aspects such as merchandise, store, counter, customer flow, furnitures, etc were taken into consideration while designing and building the outlet for a greater retail experience. In addition, we worked closely with mall management for ideas to attract traffic into the outlet


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